Why can't my CAROL find my Wi-Fi network?

Step-by-step location services instructions:

To turn on Location Services please follow the below steps;

  1. Swipe up at the bottom of the screen

  2. Press the O that appears. This will exit the app and take you to the

    home screen

  3. At the top right of the home screen, you will see a menu icon appearing

    as three dots

  4. Please open the menu and select Settings

  5. You’ll be prompted to enter a password. Please enter 1234

  6. Please open the Main Menu and hit Open System Settings

  7. Once there, press Security & Location

  8. Scroll down and then please tap Location

  9. Switch slider to ON

  10. To exit, tap on the back arrow twice

  11. Then tap Network & Internet

  12. Connect to your desired network

  13. Tap the back arrow once again

  14. Then open the CAROL App (the one on the far left, not the my.carolfitai app

    or the Bluetooth manager app

    If you have had trouble connecting your CAROL to WiFi, it is possible that your location services have been turned off.

    To resolve this issue, you simply need to turn your location services back on.

Please contact customer support if you are still having issues after following the steps above.