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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription and why do I need one?

Why am I paying for a software subscription?

Your CAROL subscription allows 8 home users to benefit from their own account, personalized ride in every ride based on their ability via our unique AI technology where constant training of the algorithms is needed.  You will all receive live metrics and track your performance on your CAROL profile. We are constantly refining our software and you will get updates as they are released.  In addition, you will get new features as they are released.  You also have 24/7 customer support.


We continue to work with scientists to improve our protocols and implement user feedback. This is bleeding-edge science and every day some new finding comes about.  We maintain a steady relationship with independent labs (to eliminate bias) and incorporate the latest findings for you. 


If you wish to stop your subscription, you can at any time. You will still be able to use the bike as a regular spin bike, however, you will no longer benefit from the AI-guided workouts. 

Commercial clients have a different pricing model.  Please email us at info@carolfitai.com to receive details.

How much is the software subscription?

The software subscription for home users is $12/month, billed annually at $144 per year. 

Click here for commercial software subscription billing details

How many users will I get with my subscription?

You can have up to 8 riders on your account at any time at no additional cost. Each will have their own personalized accounts.

Click here for commercial software subscription usage allowance details.