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Should I ride CAROL if I am concerned about my health?

Please note: Every rider has to answer the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before enrolling.  Any pre-conditions are addressed at this point. However, if you have any pre-existing health condition, you must consult your doctor before riding CAROL! If your doctor says that you should not ride, that is the advice to follow. We can give you documentation that you can show your doctor, which will help them judge whether the CAROL exercises are safe and appropriate for you.

What the American Council on Exercise found...

With the help of the Western Colorado University, after an 8-week study, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) tested participants who used CAROL's "Intense Ride" 3 times per week for well-known bio-markers, which, if present, would signal that this exercise was harmful to the participants. Nothing was found.

They concluded that CAROL 's Intense Ride is no more dangerous than any other form of cardio training exercise. In fact, the brevity of the "Intense Ride" is considered by exercise physiologists and doctors as safer than longer, medium intensity exercises (e.g. jogging). Long duration causes chronic impact on your cardiovascular system. The constant and long "pounding" causes micro tears in the heart tissue and capillaries which lead to inflammation. This does not happen even after continued use of CAROL's Intense Ride, because it's all over within 40 seconds. Our own researchers are testing whether the Intense Ride can be a widespread modality for rehabilitating heart failure patients.

Please note: consult your doctor if you are worried about your safety. If you doctor says that you should not ride, do not ride. This rule must apply to every CAROL protocol, not just the Intense Ride.

You can read the study here!

Can I still ride if I have a cold? 

It is not advised to exercise with CAROL if you are feeling unwell. It is likely that your immune function is already compromised and/or working hard to fight off viruses or bacteria. The added stress from exercise will interfere with your immune system which should be left alone to do its job of defending you!

Does cortisol increase abnormally due to the “stress” that the ride puts on your body?

No. It has been demonstrated that cortisol naturally increases soon after the commencement of HIIT exercise protocols, like CAROL's Intense Ride. The cortisol level will peak just after a CAROL ride but will return to baseline values within approximately an hour. This is a physiologically natural response and necessary for regulation of energy metabolism.  

Chronic elevations in cortisol from a combination of overtraining, inadequate recovery, insufficient sleep and other factors are what cause problems. It is important to remember that the stress caused by the sprints is temporary and short.  It signals a positive message to your body by activating your survival pathways that go on to make you stronger, fitter, leaner.

Why should I ride only three times per week? Can I do more?

A recent study led by Dr Neils Vollaard showed no additional improvements in VO2max going from 3 to 4 sessions per week of CAROL's Intense Ride.  In fact, for VO2Max, 2 Intense rides are plenty. 

For cardio-metabolic health (for example, glucose control and blood lipid levels), more rides are better.  

Many clients do a ride on alternate days.  Some ride every day with an energiser on the days they are more tired.  Vary the ride types and listen to your body.  Do not overtrain and allow yourself plenty of rest.  

Will riding CAROL increase bone density?

The CAROL protocols have not been tested for increasing bone density. We will look into it for the future. But, we can assume that, along with any type of exercise that benefits bone density, CAROL will too.   

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