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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use with my CAROL bike? 

What type of shoes should I wear?

As CAROL is a 40 second, no sweat workout, it is designed to be used and enjoyed in any clothing or footwear...including your Louboutins

Should you prefer to wear cycling shoes, CAROL's pedals are equipped with a universal bracket to accommodate any cycling shoe attachment. You will have seen these small, black brackets in a plastic bag when unboxing your CAROL. If you need spares, please do not hesitate to ask!

Which brand of cycling shoes can I use?

The connection system used on CAROL's pedals are very common and compatible with the Shimano mountain bike SPD system. Our pedals will work with any cycling shoe that is compatible with this attachment. If you are unsure, visit your local cycling store, as they can advise you on a range of shoes that you can wear whilst riding CAROL. 

Can I change the saddle?

Yes! The bike frame's saddle attachment post is universal, meaning any bike saddle will fit. Simply head to your local, trusted bike store and they will be able to advise on alternative models that best suit your needs. They should also allow you to try them out! 

Alternatively, you can purchase a saddle cover which you can place over your current saddle for additional padding and support. 

Which head phones can I use?

CAROL's touchscreen tablet includes dual front facing speakers. But, if you prefer to exercise with headphones, any headphone with a standard 3.5mm connection can plugin to the console. The bike is additionally Bluetooth enabled. If you prefer, you can connect your wireless, Bluetooth headphones and immerse yourself in CAROL's tiger-filled jungles!

Concerned about EMF exposure? Click here to read our support article on this.  

What about using a chest belt?

CAROL has two main sensors which are able to read your heart rate; the handlebars and the radio frequency receiver, which pairs with any analogue chest belts. The handlebar is the default and generally a great sensor for heart rate. 
If you would prefer to use a chest belt to monitor your heart rate you you can use a a Bluetooth enabled chest belt, or an analogue, uncoded RF chest belt. The bike is compatible with a wide range of devices, please click here to contact a member of the CAROL team if you want to check compatibility of your Bluetooth or RF chest belt.

We also have a CAROL branded pre-configured chest belt which automatically connects with the bike. You simply need to strap it on and start riding! If you are interested in purchasing one, please click here to access our shop site.

Can I use my smart watch?

At present we do not pair a fitness watch with CAROL However, you can continue to wear it during your rides to capture additional data. This feature is in our product roadmap.  If you would like to discuss future developments to include smart watch connectivity, please contact a member of the CAROL team!

Can I use CAROL with other cycling apps?

Your CAROL bike comes with several protocols, including 'Free Ride'. As the name suggests, in this mode, you can use the bike as a "regular" at-home exercise bike. If you subscribe other cycling apps, you can use CAROL's Free Ride mode to perform these workouts around your CAROL workouts! Please note that you cannot view the app on the CAROL tablet, this would be done on the device the app is installed on.


Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Contact the CAROL team, here!