What is a Commercial Client and how do I become one? (US based customers)

What is a Commercial Client?

A commercial client is a client who wishes to purchase a bike for commercial use. Gyms, wellness centers, or office spaces are examples of this. 

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If you would like to become a commercial client, please click here to speak with a member of the CAROL team.

Prefer to be a Home User? Click here to buy a CAROL for private use!

How much does a CAROL Bike cost for a Commercial Client?

A CAROL bike costs $3,995 (excluding tax). This does not include subscription costs. Please click here for information regarding subscriptions.

Subscription cost:

You will need a software subscription as well as the CAROL bike. The subscription applies to your business and is not specific to your bike(s). The price of this depends on the number of users riding your bikes each month. Please see a price breakdown below:

$499 for 12 months with up to 20 monthly users

$999 for 12 months with up to 50 monthly users

$1,499 for 12 months with up to 100 monthly users

$1,999 for 12 months with unlimited users

Each month you have the appropriate number of seats, which you can use as you wish. We will not continue to charge you for users that stop riding from one month to the next. 

What is a subscription and why do I need one?

Your CAROL subscription allows your users to benefit from our unique AI technology, receive live metrics on their rides and track their performance on your CAROL profile. It is CAROL's AI technology that ensures users receive a bespoke, personalized workout every time!
We also continue to send software updates to our CAROL users which happens, on average, once a fortnight. We continue to work with scientists to improve our protocols and implement user feedback. 
If you wish to stop your subscription, you can at any time. You will still be able to use the bike as a regular spin bike, however, you will no longer benefit from the AI guided workouts.

Why does the CAROL bike cost more for Commercial Clients?

As a commercial client, you receive a more comprehensive package that allows you to benefit from exclusive features, priority support, and a dedicated account manager. A commercial package includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Client on-boarding 
  • Pre-ride booking functionality
  • Live, customizable leaderboards
  • Priority customer support and emergency tech support
  • Extended to 2-year warranty
  • Supporting marketing collateral and material
  • Two more protocols for testing endurance and V02max

Become an Affiliate:

As a commercial client, you also have the opportunity to join the CAROL family as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you can earn a 12.5% commission on each sale you make. 

Additionally, as a commercial client, you have the opportunity to act as a CAROL showroom where customers can demo the bike. For a list of our current showroom locations, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact a member of the CAROL team to discuss this further.

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Want to become an Affiliate? Click here to contact a member of the CAROL team.

I would like to buy multiple bikes, is there a discount available?

Yes, we do offer a discount for customers who wish to purchase multiple bikes. The pricing structure is detailed below:

1 BIKE = $3,995

2 BIKES =$250 discount on both bikes

3 BIKES = $300 discount on all three bikes

4 BIKES =$500 discount on all four bikes

How much is shipping? 

Shipping costs depend on where you are based and how many bikes you wish to purchase. If you speak with a member of the CAROL team and provide them with your shipping address, they will be able to generate a personalized delivery quote for you. Please click here to contact a member of the team.

Once ordered, how long will my CAROL Bike take to arrive?

Shipping times will vary depending on where you are based, however, we would typically advise 5-10 working days for delivery. 

Does the CAROL Bike come with a warranty?

It does indeed! Click here to read our Commercial Client's Warranty. 

Do you have any stores or locations where I can demo the bike before buying it? 

Yes, we do! Contact a member of the CAROL team to find a showroom near you.

Please be aware that our showrooms have been affected by the current pandemic and may be closed as a result. We thank you for your understanding.

Great! I'm happy with the above, where can I buy the bike?

You can purchase your CAROL bike directly through our website!

Alternatively, please contact a member of our sales team.                  


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