What are calibration rides?

How many calibration rides must I complete?

You must complete 3 calibration rides that contain two, 20-second sprints and 3 acclimatisation rides that contain two, 15-second sprints.  These are necessary for CAR.O.L to judge your ability, for calibration, and for your body to get used to the powerful exercise you are about to do because we can guarantee, you would not have done this type of exercise before.  After the six rides, you can access all of CAR.O.L's protocols. 

How quickly can I complete the calibration rides?

You can do multiple calibration rides in a day (though we advise sticking to 2/day)  if you feel that you can give maximum effort during the sprints. If you recover quickly from exercise, you could complete the 6 calibration rides over 3 days.  But listen to your body.  Let it get used to CAR.O.L's supra maximal sprints.  You should not do a ride if you feel insufficiently rested from previous exercise, or if you feel that you cannot give the maximum effort for any other reason.