How does the commercial software subscription billing work?

Commercial software billing

You can purchase;

12 months of up to 20 users per month for $499 (excl. tax) 

12 months of up to 50 users per month for $999 (excl. tax) 

12 months of up to 100 monthly users for $1,499 (excl. tax) 

and 12 months of unlimited usage for $1,999 (excl. tax)

How does CAROL calculate my usage?

We will only associate a rider using your CAROL bike to your account. If we notice that the user has not ridden your CAROL bike 3 days since their last ride, we will remove them from your account in the following month. As soon as they ride again, we will re-add their profile to your account.

What if I exceed my allowance?

If you exceed your allowance in any given month, we will notify you with an invitation to upgrade to an appropriate subscription tier. 

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes! You can upgrade your subscription at any time. Please contact CAROL customer support to do this. 

How much does it cost to upgrade?

We will pro-rate the subscription cost of your upgrade so that you do not pay for more than you are using. Depending on the subscription level you are upgrading from and to, we can advise you on the cost. Please contact CAR.O.L support for assistance.