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What do the metrics mean?

Octane Score

The Octane Score (OS)  is our metric that shows your cardiovascular fitness. It defines how much power you produce with every heartbeat. The higher your score, the fitter you are.

A strong cardiovascular system pumps out more oxygenated blood in every beat.  So, it does not have to beat too fast to deliver the nutrients your body requires.  This is why, top athletes and fitter people have a low resting heart rate.

Your heart is a muscle, as it gets stronger, it beats more powerfully.  As you get fitter, your capillaries become more flexible and your blood is more oxygenated.  Therefore, your body gets the required nutrients really efficiently when needed - like when you exercise. 

While the OS does not equate to your V02max - number for number - research shows that the Octane Score percentage change correlates +/- 2% to your percentage change in V02max. So, a 10% improvement in Octane Score is the same as saying a 10% improvement in V02max. When you read about the health benefits of improving your V02max by 10% and if your OS has improved by 10%, you are enjoying the same health benefits.

Peak Power

This is the maximum power you generate in the sprint for the resistance level that has been set for you. You know you have hit your maximum possible power at that time because you will only be able to hold it for a split second.  After reaching this, you will start to lose power for the duration of the remaining sprint.  Usually people reach their peak power in the first 5-7 seconds of the sprint.

Our algorithms discount the momentum of the flywheel and so, what you see is your "true power".   Your target is to try and beat your best score. Your target zone is coloured green on the bike app's power dial.

Peak Power Per LB

Your peak power per pound of body weight. This is useful when competing against riders that are heavier than you, as it offers a level playing field.  A lighter, less muscled person can have a higher PP:LB even if his/her peak power is lower than that of a bigger, more muscly person.

Total Power

This is the total power you generate during a ride on the CAR.O.L. It is driven by not only how high your peak power is but also how long you can sustain your power during the sprints until you are at absolute fatigue. 

Improvement %

CAR.O.L let's you know how much you improved from your baseline personal best. The baseline will vary by metric:

  • For peak power or peak power by LB it will be the best value from your six ramp up rides
  • For Octane score, it will be the best value for your first 3 intense rides
  • For total power metrics it will be the best value of your first 3 rides of the relevant type

Your personal best is the best value you have ever achieved for any of the metrics.

Please note that during the ramp-ups, we will still show a % improvement where possible, using the first ride of the baseline.

Target Heart Rate

We use the 220-your age as the target for you from 80-90% your max heart rate range.  People do go past their 90% of max heart rate but they recover quickly back to 80-90%.  If they don't, CAR.O.L's algorithms will abort the ride - automatically.

Peak Heart Rate

This is the highest value you reach in that ride.  It is usually hit a few seconds after the sprint has ended.  People will find that this number decreases as they get fitter.