How do I higher Peak Power?

The key to higher PP is the speed during the 3 seconds BEFORE the 20 second sprint begins.

  • Please raise your seat a bit higher.  When you stretch your leg, it should have no more than a 20-degree bend. 
  • Position your saddle so that when you put your elbow at the tip of the saddle and extend your forearm, your longest fingertip touches the handlebar.  The distance between the seat and handlebar is then the length of your forearm.  

In these 3 seconds, you have no resistance so that you can build up momentum, which will carry you through the sprint when resistance is applied.  It’s a bit like long jump… jumpers run from a distance to build momentum and then they jump.  The faster they run, the more momentum they have and the subsequent “jump” is longer.

If you can get into a sprint quickly, then start your “per-sprint momentum building” at 00:02 seconds or 00:01 seconds.  You could get a higher power.

Slowing down has nothing to do with Peak Power (PP).  The system is designed for you to slow down.  It is physically impossible for anyone to hold the PP for more than a fraction of a second.  If the rate of slowing down is too good, CAROL will just make the next ride harder.  The idea is to have you at absolute fatigue at end of the 20-second sprint.  Focus on the points above and you should see an improvement.

Here is a short video that explains the above better: