I am based in the UK, how can I purchase a CAROL Bike?

What is a Home User?

Home Users, as the name suggests, are customers who want to enjoy the benefits of having a CAROL bike in their own home. With your home subscription, you can have up to 8 users which means the whole family can have their own account and enjoy using the bike!


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How much does a CAROL Bike cost?

A CAROL bike costs £2,995 (including tax).

Each bike requires a subscription which costs an additional £12p/m and is billed annually at £144.

What is a subscription and why do I need one?

Your CAROL subscription allows you to benefit from our unique AI technology, receive live metrics on your rides and track your performance on your CAROL profile. It is CAROL's AI technology that ensures you receive a bespoke, personalized workout every time!
We also continue to send software updates to our CAROL users which happens, on average, once a fortnight. We continue to work with scientists to improve our protocols and implement user feedback. 
If you wish to stop your subscription, you can at any time. You will still be able to use the bike as a regular spin bike, however, you will no longer benefit from the AI-guided workouts.

Due to the current pandemic, we are offering the first year subscription free to support customers who are prioritizing their health at this time. 

I would like to buy multiple bikes, is there a discount available?

Yes, we do offer a discount for customers who wish to purchase multiple bikes. The pricing structure is detailed below:

1 BIKE = £2995

2 BIKES =£250 discount on the second bike

3 BIKES = £250 discount on all three bikes

4 BIKES =£300 discount on all four bikes

How much is shipping? 

In the UK, the cost of shipping is a flat rate of £210. If you speak with a member of the CAROL team and provide them with your shipping address, however, they will be able to generate a personalized delivery quote for you. Please click here to contact a member of the team.

Due to the current pandemic, we are offering free shipping to UK customers to support those who are prioritizing their health at this time.  

Once ordered, how long will my CAROL Bike take to arrive?

Our UK warehouse is operating as normal and from the point of placing your order, your bike will typically arrive in 2 working days. We would advise 2-5 working days for delivery. 

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Does the CAROL Bike come with a warranty?

It does indeed! Click here to read our Home User's Warranty. 

Do you have any stores or locations where I can demo the bike before buying? 

Yes, we do! Click here to find a showroom near you or alternatively, contact a member of the CAR.O.L team. 

Please be aware that our showrooms have been affected by the current pandemic and may be closed as a result. We thank you for your understanding.

Great! I'm happy with the above, where can I buy the bike?

You can purchase your CAROL bike directly through our website!

Alternatively, you can contact a member of our sales team.                


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