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How can I add multiple users to my account?

How to add multiple users to your account

Each user should register an account at https://my.carolfitai.com.

Once they have registered, they must complete a ride on your CAR.O.L bike. Our system will automatically assign users to your account.

If we notice that they have not ridden in 14 days since their last ride, we will remove them from your account until they complete a ride on your CAR.O.L bike again.

Don't worry! Their account data will not be lost! All our rider data is stored on the cloud. When a user logs into any CAR.O.L bike, their latest ride data will automatically sync with the bike.

Not sure how to register an account? Read this article!

How many users can I have on my account?

You can have 8 riders under your account at any time.