How can I add multiple users to my commercial account?

How do I add users to my account?

Each user should register an account at Once they have completed this, they must complete a ride on your CAROL bike to me associated with your account. Our system will automatically assign users to your account. If we notice that they have not ridden in 14 days since their last ride, we will remove them from your account on the first day of your next month's billing cycle.

Not sure how to register an account? Read this article!

What happens to the ride data if a user is removed from my account?

You will not lose it! Every profile is saved in the cloud. Any user can log in to any CAROL bike around the world and pick up where they left off. If a user is removed from your account, their ride data will still be available to them when they login to another CAROL bike. 

Can I re-add a user to my account?

Yes you can! To re-add a user to your account, they simply must complete a ride on your CAROL bike. Make sure to hit save ride once complete!

How many users can I have on my account?

As a commercial client, you can purchase a set number of riders that can be active on your bike at any time. If you exceed the limit, we will send you a notification and invitation to upgrade your subscription.