How to clear user data on the CAROL bike

Step-by-step guide to clear user data on the CAROL bike.

Removing unwanted login accounts from the login screen can be achieved by accessing

Bike Settings, Special Actions > Clear all user data from bike

There is also an option to disable the Remember Me feature. This is also available via the Special Actions within Bike Settings.

Full path:

• Log in to the bike app using your CAROL account
• Tap the Settings icon from the top right corner
• Switch view to the Special Actions tab
• Disable Fast Login access or Clear all user data

To re-add an account to the Fast Login view, simply log in with username/email and password and the account will appear on your CAROL bike again.


Please note: Our latest app version will automatically remove rider accounts stored under the Fast Login view if they have been inactive for 15 days on your CAROL bike.

Don't worry! Their account data will not be lost! All our rider data is stored in the cloud. When a rider logs into any CAROL bike, their ride data will automatically sync with the bike.