What is the delivery and rescheduling process?

We will dispatch your CAR.O.L bike within 24 hours of receiving your order. The courier will deliver the CAR.O.L bike within 7-14 days of dispatch, depending on your location.


How do I know when my CAR.O.L will arrive?

You will have received an email with your shipment tracking ID and a link to the courier's website where you can see the scheduled delivery date for your CAR.O.L. You can refer to this email at any time to see an up-to-date status of your CAR.O.L shipment and delivery date. 

The courier will call you approximately 2-3 days before your CAR.O.L is scheduled for delivery, to arrange a time that is suitable for you to receive the shipment. 

Where can I find shipment tracking information?

You will received an email with shipment tracking information from us as soon as your CAR.O.L is on the way! In that email, you will see a tracking ID number and a link to the courier's parcel tracking website.

If you have not received this email, or are having trouble accessing your tracking information, please contact CAR.O.L support for assistance.

How long will it take to deliver in my area?

We have warehouses in Los Angeles (CA), Atlanta (GA) and Edison (NJ). We will ship your CAR.O.L from the closest warehouse to minimize the shipping time.

Typically, we deliver within 7 days to addresses in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut or New York.

We usually deliver to addresses in Illinois, Florida, Texas, Washington and Colorado within 10 days.

For any other states in the USA, which have not been listed above, we will deliver within 14 days.

You can order express delivery. 

How to reschedule your delivery time

You can reschedule your delivery time whenever you would like. If you would like delivery before the anticipated delivery date, please contact a member of CAR.O.L customer support to discuss which options are available. 

If you would like to postpone shipping date, you can either contact CAR.O.L customer support to arrange another delivery date, or you can tell the courier that you would like to reschedule when they call you to arrange the delivery time. 

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Can I refuse delivery

You can refuse delivery if the CAR.O.L parcel arrives damaged. Simply tell the courier that you are unhappy with the presentation of the parcel and they will return it to the depot. In this case, a member of the CAR.O.L team will be available to help you arrange another CAR.O.L bike to be dispatched. If the parcel is not damaged, however, we will be unable to refund the shipping. 

What if I ordered assembly?

The assembly service will not impact the delivery time of your CAR.O.L. The assembly team operates independent of the delivery team. 

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