Where can I find step-by-step instructions on how to register my bike?

Step-by-step registration instructions

Step 1. Go to my.carolfitai.com on any device that offers internet access capability. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

Step 2. Under the "No Account" section click on the red tab that says "Register".

Step 3. Enter your email address so you may verify your account.

Step 4. Answer all the listed medical questions truthfully.  (If you feel at all worried about exercising with CAR.O.L, please consult with your doctor before riding. We can give you documentation to show your doctor that will help them judge whether these exercises are safe and appropriate for you).

Step 5. Enter in your personal details and all other necessary information requested.

Step 6. Enter in a memorable username and password. We recommend choosing something short and easy to log in with during each session.

Step 7. Verify your account with the email verification link you will have been sent.

Step 8. Login to the CAR.O.L bike and enjoy the ride!

Remember to call customer support if you have any questions.

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