Can someone assemble my CAROL bike for me?

You can order your CAROL bike to be delivered pre-assembled if you live in the USA or UK. Or, we can arrange an assembly service through a third party, once your CAROL bike is delivered. 

If you order after delivery assembly, here's what to expect: 

  • We will arrange for a technician to visit your premises.
  • The technician will unbox your bike.
  • The technician will assemble your bike.
  • The technician will plug your bike into a power outlet to ensure it is working.
  • The technician will connect your bike to WiFi.
  • The technician will clean your CAROL bike (so there will be no finger prints).
  • The technician will remove any unwanted packaging from your premises.
  • The technician will not move the bike to another location. The delivery men will place your CAROL bike wherever you want when they deliver your bike. Please do not hesitate to ask them!

How much is after delivery assembly? 

Prices vary. Please contact CAROL Customer Support for a quote.

How do I order assembly?

Please contact CAROL customer support as soon as you can to arrange assembly.

Who assembles the CAROL bike?

We work with trusted third party technicians across the globe.

How can I schedule the CAROL assembly?

To schedule your CAROL assembly, please contact CAROL support. Once we have booked your technician, we will call you to arrange a date and time that is suitable for you. It can even be the same date and time that we deliver the CAROL bike. 

Will ordering assembly after delivery delay or impact my delivery date?

Ordering assembly will not impact your delivery date or time. The assembly team is independent of the courier and will assemble the CAROL bike once it has been delivered. 

Can I reschedule my assembly?

You can reschedule your assembly at any time by contacting CAROL customer support.